Energy Voids
Our utility services are designed  to help reduce running cost, make it easier for people to changes suppliers and offer continuous help and advice
Void Management is a free service that helps housing providers and landlords manage their energy needs during the vacant period when a tenant moves out, and before a new tenant moves in.
We assign a Personal Void manager to look after ALL your specific needs and make the process as smooth as possible.
Our Key Void Service -
  • Assign you your own Personal Void Manager.
  • Provide you with an email address and phone number to give direct contact
  • Clear outstanding debt from energy meters
  • Manage all of your energy letters and bills
  • Ensure that the transfer of ownership of supply is arranged for the day your new tenant moves in
  • Swiftly handle all of your metering requirements which may include the installation of smart meters
  • Provide solutions to complex issues such as crossed meters, shipper-less sites, delayed account creation or closure
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Our Vision

Fuel Poverty is defined as a member of a household living on a lower income in a home which cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost.
The fuel poverty status of a household depends on the interaction between three key drivers: household incomes, household energy efficiency and fuel prices. We focus on combating all of the key drivers.
Our aim is is to find tennants the best deal positive to help combat fuel poverty.
Key Focus Areas

Reducing energy bills will make your house hold income go further


We offer help and advice on how to make your household run more efficiently

Constantly search the market to ensure we can get you the cheapest deals

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